Monday, 28 September 2015

Geek Girl - All That Glitters by Holly Smale

Geek Girl - All That Glitters is the fourth book in the Geek Girl series. I haven't read the first 3 books so i was a little worried I wouldn't understand what was happening but thankfully that wasn't the case!

The Geek Girl series is about a teenage girl Called Harriet who struggles with making friends but then gets sucked into the world of modelling -in All That Glitters we follow Harriet on her first day at sixth form where she hopes to make a brilliant first impression in order to make new friends but her endless facts and quirky personality soon fail to win over everybody.

Just as Harriet thinks the entire year is doomed, everyone suddenly changes how they are towards her - harriet automatically assumes its the cookies she has made for everyone in an attempt to win people over but its not until her friend frantically calls her telling her to meet her at the local shopping centre that she realises whats going on - an old modelling shoot she did has been picked up and her face is now all over the shopping centre!

New opportunities arise from this and she gets offered the chance to go to Marrakech for a shoot where the adventures begin.

In this book we learn alot about Harriet and her character and shes grown up but more importantly we watch Harriet as she gets a new love interest in her life - Jasper. But is Jasper the right person for her? He brings Harriet back down to earth which is what she seemly needs!

I really recommend this book and definitely going to invest in the other 3 books in the this series to see how Harriet has changed. What I love most about this book though is the short chapters - makes it very easy to read which is a good!

Geek Girl- All That Glitters is available to buy on Amazon - click here to purchase

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Demon Road by Derek Landy

You may have heard of Derek Landy before as he bought out a Young Adult book series called Skullduggery Plesant which are extremely popular so when I got offered the chance to review his book Demon Road, I couldnt say no!

Demon Road is about 16 year old Amber who doesn't have many friends apart from the ones she talks to online. Up until now Amber thought she was a normal girl with parents who didn't seem to care about her, but when she starts misbehaving at school and almost gets expelled who parents all of a sudden notice her......

One night when Amber finishes her shift at the Diner, she gets attacked by 2 men and lashes out at them. She feels something taking over her body....shes turns into a red skin, horned devil! Before she can control her new power, she breaks their jaw and bites off a finger.

Amber rushes home but later that night she over hears her parents talking to their friends and what she hears shocks her - her parents want to kill her and eat her in order to make a payment of blood to the Shining Demon. Amber doesnt know what to do but before she can decide on a plan the police turn up to arrest her for the attack on the 2 men.

Amber then witnesses her parents turn into demons who attack the police officer - she has no choice but to run away.

A family friend called Imelda tells Amber the truth about everything and what her options are. Amber decides to make a pact with the same Shining Demon- she has 504 hours to find a person whos name she doesnt know or she will die. Her only friend Milo helps her by taking her away from her home town to ensure she stays safe.

Whilst travelling on the Demon Road they come across all sorts of creatures such as vampires, demons and beasts. On one occasion at a service station, Amber changes into a demon scaring staff there resulting in a panicked Amber fleeing the scene. When she runs off she meets a boy called Glen who is in just as much trouble as she is......

Demon Road is a brilliant fast paced book who gets you sucked in from the beginning. I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer- I received this book in exchange of a honest review.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Competition time!

First of all i just want to do a quick apology - I haven't posted a proper review in a few months as work etc got very manic so had to put that first but im now back - hurrah!! Thank you for being patient and sticking with me :)

As a welcome back, i am doing a competition!

I have got a copy of 'Geek Girl - All That Glitters' by Holly Smale to give away to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to enter is click the link and follow @happy_products and retweet the tweet - simple!

Competition closes at 12pm 23/9/15 (wednesday)

*uk entries only please*

Thursday, 10 September 2015

I Knew You Were Trouble by Paige Toon

As you all know my favourite author is Paige Toon so when I got offered the chance to review her latest book I jumped at the chance!

I Knew You Were Trouble is the second book from her young adult series and follows on from the story of a teenage girl - Jessie - who finds out her dad is the world famous rock star Johnny Jefferson! In Paiges first book (The accidental life of jessie jefferson) we learn all about Jessie and how johnny ended up as her dad and how him and his wife Meg reacted to the news he has a teenage daughter he never knew about. The book concluded with Jessie flying over to LA to meet her dad......

In 'I Knew You Were Trouble' we catch up with Jessie who is back in England and trying to keep her new life a secret from all her school friends but the paparazzi are closing in on her identity...after weeks of trying to keep it a secret,her identity is leaked to the press and she is thrown into the limelight overnight.

Jessies life is flipped upside down - she can no longer trust her friends and is risking losing her boyfriend so Jessie knows she has no choice but to leave her stepdad to move to LA to live with Johnny and his family until the limelight dies down but its never going to be that simple was it?

Life isnt easy in LA though - new friends to make and old ones reappear but are they just asking for trouble? Luckily Jessie has her dad and stepmum Meg to rely on and has the chance to get to know her two younger brothers properly but with her boyfriend and stepdad the other side of the world she starts to feel like she doesnt belong there but when an opportunity to join a up and coming band as the lead singer comes along its too much to refuse but will people accept her as her own person or will she always be known as Johnny's daughter? And will she stay faithful to her boyfriend?

Jessie has some big decisions to make but where is her home - England or LA?

Once again Paige Toon had me gripped from start to finish. This is classed as a young adults book but im 28 and loved it and even though its a follow on from The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson I wouldnt necessarily say you would have to had read this one to understand the storyline so don't let that put you off!

I rate this 5 stars! *****

Disclaimer - I received this book to write a honest review