Monday, 28 September 2015

Geek Girl - All That Glitters by Holly Smale

Geek Girl - All That Glitters is the fourth book in the Geek Girl series. I haven't read the first 3 books so i was a little worried I wouldn't understand what was happening but thankfully that wasn't the case!

The Geek Girl series is about a teenage girl Called Harriet who struggles with making friends but then gets sucked into the world of modelling -in All That Glitters we follow Harriet on her first day at sixth form where she hopes to make a brilliant first impression in order to make new friends but her endless facts and quirky personality soon fail to win over everybody.

Just as Harriet thinks the entire year is doomed, everyone suddenly changes how they are towards her - harriet automatically assumes its the cookies she has made for everyone in an attempt to win people over but its not until her friend frantically calls her telling her to meet her at the local shopping centre that she realises whats going on - an old modelling shoot she did has been picked up and her face is now all over the shopping centre!

New opportunities arise from this and she gets offered the chance to go to Marrakech for a shoot where the adventures begin.

In this book we learn alot about Harriet and her character and shes grown up but more importantly we watch Harriet as she gets a new love interest in her life - Jasper. But is Jasper the right person for her? He brings Harriet back down to earth which is what she seemly needs!

I really recommend this book and definitely going to invest in the other 3 books in the this series to see how Harriet has changed. What I love most about this book though is the short chapters - makes it very easy to read which is a good!

Geek Girl- All That Glitters is available to buy on Amazon - click here to purchase

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Demon Road by Derek Landy

You may have heard of Derek Landy before as he bought out a Young Adult book series called Skullduggery Plesant which are extremely popular so when I got offered the chance to review his book Demon Road, I couldnt say no!

Demon Road is about 16 year old Amber who doesn't have many friends apart from the ones she talks to online. Up until now Amber thought she was a normal girl with parents who didn't seem to care about her, but when she starts misbehaving at school and almost gets expelled who parents all of a sudden notice her......

One night when Amber finishes her shift at the Diner, she gets attacked by 2 men and lashes out at them. She feels something taking over her body....shes turns into a red skin, horned devil! Before she can control her new power, she breaks their jaw and bites off a finger.

Amber rushes home but later that night she over hears her parents talking to their friends and what she hears shocks her - her parents want to kill her and eat her in order to make a payment of blood to the Shining Demon. Amber doesnt know what to do but before she can decide on a plan the police turn up to arrest her for the attack on the 2 men.

Amber then witnesses her parents turn into demons who attack the police officer - she has no choice but to run away.

A family friend called Imelda tells Amber the truth about everything and what her options are. Amber decides to make a pact with the same Shining Demon- she has 504 hours to find a person whos name she doesnt know or she will die. Her only friend Milo helps her by taking her away from her home town to ensure she stays safe.

Whilst travelling on the Demon Road they come across all sorts of creatures such as vampires, demons and beasts. On one occasion at a service station, Amber changes into a demon scaring staff there resulting in a panicked Amber fleeing the scene. When she runs off she meets a boy called Glen who is in just as much trouble as she is......

Demon Road is a brilliant fast paced book who gets you sucked in from the beginning. I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer- I received this book in exchange of a honest review.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Competition time!

First of all i just want to do a quick apology - I haven't posted a proper review in a few months as work etc got very manic so had to put that first but im now back - hurrah!! Thank you for being patient and sticking with me :)

As a welcome back, i am doing a competition!

I have got a copy of 'Geek Girl - All That Glitters' by Holly Smale to give away to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to enter is click the link and follow @happy_products and retweet the tweet - simple!

Competition closes at 12pm 23/9/15 (wednesday)

*uk entries only please*

Thursday, 10 September 2015

I Knew You Were Trouble by Paige Toon

As you all know my favourite author is Paige Toon so when I got offered the chance to review her latest book I jumped at the chance!

I Knew You Were Trouble is the second book from her young adult series and follows on from the story of a teenage girl - Jessie - who finds out her dad is the world famous rock star Johnny Jefferson! In Paiges first book (The accidental life of jessie jefferson) we learn all about Jessie and how johnny ended up as her dad and how him and his wife Meg reacted to the news he has a teenage daughter he never knew about. The book concluded with Jessie flying over to LA to meet her dad......

In 'I Knew You Were Trouble' we catch up with Jessie who is back in England and trying to keep her new life a secret from all her school friends but the paparazzi are closing in on her identity...after weeks of trying to keep it a secret,her identity is leaked to the press and she is thrown into the limelight overnight.

Jessies life is flipped upside down - she can no longer trust her friends and is risking losing her boyfriend so Jessie knows she has no choice but to leave her stepdad to move to LA to live with Johnny and his family until the limelight dies down but its never going to be that simple was it?

Life isnt easy in LA though - new friends to make and old ones reappear but are they just asking for trouble? Luckily Jessie has her dad and stepmum Meg to rely on and has the chance to get to know her two younger brothers properly but with her boyfriend and stepdad the other side of the world she starts to feel like she doesnt belong there but when an opportunity to join a up and coming band as the lead singer comes along its too much to refuse but will people accept her as her own person or will she always be known as Johnny's daughter? And will she stay faithful to her boyfriend?

Jessie has some big decisions to make but where is her home - England or LA?

Once again Paige Toon had me gripped from start to finish. This is classed as a young adults book but im 28 and loved it and even though its a follow on from The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson I wouldnt necessarily say you would have to had read this one to understand the storyline so don't let that put you off!

I rate this 5 stars! *****

Disclaimer - I received this book to write a honest review

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Recently offered me the chance to review some of their products and gave me a choice of glasses to pick from, so I decided to review the Hurricane Cocktail Glasses because they looked amazing!

In June 2011 launched their own brand called bar@drinkstuff and the hurricane glasses are part of this range. The bar@drinkstuff consists of almost 200 different products to buy and with new ones being added frequently. You can find the whole range of bar@drinkstuff here.

I received 4 of the glasses and I was very impressed. The cocktail glasses are not actually made of glass but out of a strong and practically unbreakable plastic making it a safer option and more affordable too. The 4 glasses I received cost £14.99 and well worth the money. I tried out the glasses at home and I must confess that im a complete lightweight so I made up a alcohol free cocktail the test them and it turns out the glasses actually hold a large amount of drink!
(Excuse the cat bum hooks in the background!!!)

The glasses are well packaged so there shouldn't be any breakages whilst in the post! sell a variety of glasses such as the ones i received, shot glasses, martini glasses and even fish bowls for the perfect party. But they dont just sell glasses - the sell anything related to bars and parties such as bar stools, fridges and even inflatable hot tubs! All the products are very affordable and with standard delivery only £4.99 or free when spending over £50 there's no reason not to order from them. The website has top customer reviews so you know they are well trusted.

So if you're organising a party or need the perfect item for your bar then visit DrinkStuff. You can also follow them on twitter and facebook.

Disclaimer: I received these products for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

MooGoo Skin Care

I recently got offered the chance to try out some new skin care products from a company called MooGoo Skin Care and I couldn't wait to use them!

The received a Full Cream Moisturiser and a Oil Cleanser for dry skin. I've had them for about a week now and have been using them every day and ive noticed a huge difference with my skin! I tend to suffer the most from dry and spotty skin on my face so I focused on this area and within a week my skin felt so much softer and looked much clearer and generally felt alot healthier. I used products before that havent made a bit of difference so for this to work within a week is pretty amazing!

Out of the two products,my favourite has to be the full cream moisturiser - the smell of it makes it good enough to eat! (it smells of those 1p milk bottle sweets - yum!) And i love the packaging for it - it comes in a mini milk carton!
All of the products are even suitable to use on babies and during pregnancy and none of the products are tested on animals.
The MooGoo website also has loads of really useful information on skin conditions such as Eczema and Acne and also baby skin conditions such as Cradle Cap and Nappy Rash. All the information can be found here

MooGoo was first made when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem and developed from there. They now stock their products in pharmacies and health food stores across Australia and some selected stores in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia and the US.

I highly recommend checking out MooGoo - i will definitely be ordering from them again!
The full cream moisturiser costs £9 for 75g or £12.50 for 250g - this will last ages as only a tiny amount of moisturiser is needed and the Oil cleanser is £16.90 for 100ml.

Must add that the box it arrived in was ridiculously cute - even the postman commented on it!

You can visit MooGoo by clicking here and you can also follow them on twitter and facebook

Disclaimer: I received these products for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own.

Ducks 'n a Row

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Good Bag Co

Like most people, I love bags and shopping so when I came across The Good Bag Co I couldn't wait to get my hands on one!
The company sell strong, sturdy canvas bags in a variety of colours and a wide range of designs including:

Godmothers are good!!!
Away with the fairies
Chocolate is sooooo good!!!
and my favourite......Cakes are good!!

The large canvas bags are a bargain at £5 and they also sell little lunch canvas bags which are £4.50. 
The Good Bag Co now also offer customised bags where you get to pick your own picture and writing which will then get hand painted onto the bag.

The bags are beautifully designed and are really bright and bold - Ive been using mine all week at work,and ive had so many comments on it!

The Good Bag Co have several shops located in Chester, Grasmere, Keswick and Llandudno but you can also order the bags online. The company can always be found at Manchester Christmas Market too!

To order your bag visit the website here
You can also visit them on twitter and facebook.

Disclaimer: I received the bag for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own.


Friday, 5 June 2015

Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd

I love candles and have been eyeing up the candles on Flamingo Candles website for along time but as you obviously cant smell them before you buy, I was a bit reluctant but when I heard they were starting a new subscription offer called The Melt Crowd where you get 8 different scent melts sent to you every month, i put my order in straight away!

The boxes cost £10 each (delivery is included in the £10) and they get sent out roughly on the first day of each month. You dont know what scents you will get until they arrive - the surprise element is always good!

As an introductory offer, everyone who ordered the first months melt crowd box got a free burner included in their offer.

When I eventually got my box (I missed the delivery as i was at work!) I immediately got a whiff of the amazing scents hidden in the box! The candles were well packaged within the box and wrapped in a pretty bag. Normally the boxes can fit through your letterbox but because of the burner that wasn't possible this time!

In Junes melt crowd box the candles were:
Pina Colada 
Mango and Dragonfruit
Tropical coconut milk and honey
Freshly Mown Grass *Melt Crowd Exclusive
Sweer Lime and Ceder
Juicy clementine *Melt Crowd Exclusive
Thai lime and mango

Unfortunately there was a mix up with my box and i received 2 freshly mown grass melts and no juicy clementine but they have emailed me to say they are sending me some clementine ones in the post hurrah!

They all smell amazing so i really struggled to choose one to melt first but i decided as i was given 2 of the grass ones, i should probably use one of them and oh it smells amazing!! The melts last approx 30 hours - obviously the tea light candles dont last that long but even with the candle not lit, the smell is still strong which is good!

As an added bonus, in the box there is also a discount code for 20% off another purchase on their website...eek thats dangerous!! I now need to decide what candle i want to purchase!!

To order your July melt crowd box click here

You can also follow Flamingos Candles on Twitter and Facebook

Awesome Life Friday

Thursday, 4 June 2015

As most of you know, I have recently bought my first flat which means I now have a mortgage (eek!!) so ive been on the look out on way of saving money and through a bit of research I discovered the website Approved Food.

Approved food sell food, drink (soft and alcohol), household goods, health and beauty and pet food all at discount prices. They are able to sell the items at these prices due to the short or expired best before date but all the items are still within the use by date and perfectly suitable to eat/drink/use! Whats the point of throwing away perfectly good food?!

Ive been browsing their site for a few weeks and have been reading the reviews which have all been really good so I finally took the plunge and ordered!

I only did a small order for my first one incase I wasnt pleased but wish i had gone bigger now! 

Every day Approved Food put on one day only deals - for example I ordered 5 Bounty chocolate bars for 99p but they do things such as 8 cans of diet coke for 99p, 10 bags of crisps for £1 etc so its always worth checking everyday! They also do really good deals when you spend over £30 such discount on shipping. Sometimes they put random offers on such as creme eggs for 1p!!! But these go extremly fast!

They also do a thing called a Lucky Box which usually cost £1 - again these go quickly but i managed to grab one on my order. In the boxes you never know what you'll get which makes it exciting! Sometimes they even put cash in it as a special prize - usually £5. Not bad for £1!
In my box i got: A chocolate cake mix, 2 packets of crisps, grape juice, 2 boxes of beef OXO cubes, bottle of coke zero and a big bag of tortilla chips....all for £1!

They sell loads of branded products and products which have had minor damages to the packaging but all the items are packaged in the boxes incredibly well so nothing gets squashed!

The postage for my order was £5.99 which is very reasonable considering how much I saved! Delivery was quick too.I ordered late sunday afternoon and it arrived on the thursday. Unfortunately you cant pick a delivery date but my order thankfully got left with my neighbour as I was at work.

My order came to £18.03 with the RRP price of £49.46 which means i had a saving of £31.43!  

Click here to visit Approved Food
Twitter: @ApprovedFood
Facebook: Approved Food
Twinkly Tuesday

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Featured Author - Paige Toon

Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors - Her books are all chick soon as she releases a new book, i have to buy it and read it in one day. They suck me right in and I cant think of anything else apart from the book!

I first stumbled across her by accident a few years ago. She had just released her first book Lucy In The Sky and the front cover of it caught my eye whilst i wandered round Tesco's bored. I decided to take a gamble and im so glad i did! I sat down to read Lucy In The Sky and a few hours later i had finished - I couldn't put it down!!! Ive since bought every book she has released and i was lucky enough to get her latest book signed by her.
The thing i love about her books is that spread over all the books alot of the characters are linked - sometimes in a big way and sometimes it can be a subtle link that could easily be missed. I love spotting these links as it lets you have a little background knowledge on the characters in the stories.

Paige has gone on to release 12 books - 2 of them were short e-books (One Perfect Christmas and Johnny's Girl) and one of them a young adults book (The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson) The follow on from Jessie Jefferson will be the next book to be released in July - I cant wait!
Her latest two books

One of Paiges books - One Perfect Summer - is even set in Dorset where I live! It was lovely seeing all the places I have visited, mentioned in the book.

Paige Toon grew up in Australia, UK and America following her dad round the world who was a racing driver. Paige worked on many magazines before ending up at Heat magazine as the reviews editor. She now lives in Cambridge with her husband and 2 young children.
Paige Toon - and my collection (some books are missing from my collection as my sister has them!)
You can find all of paiges books on amazon here
You can also follow her on twitter @paigetoonauthor and on facebook here.

                                                Sincerely, Paula

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Book reviews

I'll admit it - i'm a complete book worm! I own loads of them - I used to work in a book shop so i took full advantage of that staff discount! I like a variety of books - anything from chick lit, horror, biographies and even kids books! But my guilty pleasure is ghost books - love creeping myself out by reading about paranormal experiences! (I'm a wimp, so it doesn't take much to scare me!)

I've decided to review some of the books I've read and to do features on my favourite authors. 
Just a few of my books...
If you've got any books you would like me to review or any you can recommend then please get in touch! 

Friday, 29 May 2015

UV Buddy bracelets and accessories

I recently discovered a company called UV-Buddy who have created a selection of jewellery and accessories that change colour to let us know when we are being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light - genius idea!

I received one of their bracelets to review - a gorgeous blue bracelet called Blueberry Pie!
The bracelet is made up of small plastic beads which are very strong and the bracelets are elasticated for comfort. They range in different sizes - xs to xl. I had a large bracelet to accommodate my weird shape wrists (lol!) and it fits perfectly. They are also available in a variety of colours. The uv beads on the bracelet are the white colour ones - they will change colour when exposed to uv light. With this particular one,the beads turn a darker shade of blue. I have to admit that i spent ages walking in and out of my house to see the beads changing colour!

This is such a simple idea that can get kids understanding the importance of sun care which is always a good thing! 
But its not just bracelets they make.They also do phone and bag charms, mens accessories and even do personalised products which makes these perfect for gifts.

All the items are very affordable too which could appeal to children with pocket money. The blueberry pie bracelet I received is only £4.99 but there are items such as the phone charms which are only £3.75 and then gifts priced up to £18 but still very much affordable. 

I highly recommend purchasing an item!

So please go and check out UV-Buddy!

Twitter: @RubyUVbuddy
Facebook: uvbuddydotcom

Sincerely, Paula

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The bargain toy box!

Recently I have been looking for a toy box to keep in my flat for when my nephew comes round to visit. Ive looked in loads of places and seen nice ones but they were so expensive - but then i discovered the perfect toy box in Home Bargains. The toy box is big enough to hold loads of toys and books and doubles up as a seat.
There is 3 choices of designs to pick from - Safari Bus, Train and cake shop. My nephew is obsessed with animals so the safari one was an obvious choice really! 
These toy boxes seem very popular- i've been in a few times since and there's only been a couple left each time!

Theres a good reason for this.....they are only £4.99!!! A complete bargain that anyone would be silly to turn down!

The toy boxes are not available online at the moment but they are available to reserve to pick up in store which you can do here.

I cant wait till my nephew comes round and sees it!

*I wasn't asked to write this - just wanted to show everyone a bargain!*

Friday, 15 May 2015


One of my favourite films is the Goonies (hey you guuuuuyyyyyyysssss!!!!) so when i discovered the website TruffleShuffle many years ago, I was over the moon! And yes the website is named after Chunk from The Goonies famous dance! (You can see that here)

TruffleShuffle is a website which sell loads of clothes, bags, homeware and accessories all linked to the films and music we loved growing up. Many celebrities are often seen wearing their products. I own quite a few of their products including 2 Round The Twist tops, 3 Labyrinth tops and a Goonies top and totebag. Whenever I wear them, Im always asked where I get them from.
Just a small selection of my collection!
If you're after a unique gift for someone then I highly recommend looking on their website as its an Aladdins cave for gift ideas! Ive been eyeing up the mugs on their site for a while now - maybe now is the time to treat myself!

Out of the tops shown in the photo above the only one still available is the pink Goonies one but there is a similar Labyrinth one for sale on there which is just as nice! Same with the Goonies bag - mine is years old now but there is a similar Goonies one available!

Click here to purchase this top
Click here to purchase this top
Click here to buy this bag

So make sure you relive your childhood by visiting TruffleShuffle!

Oh and did i mention when you order, you get some free sweets in with your package?!

*I wasn't asked to write this review - I just wanted to introduce this amazing website to everyone!*
Sincerely, Paula

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sticky 9 photo magnets

Lately Ive seen a company being advertised on Facebook,called Sticky9 - I was intrigued what it was so clicked on it and discovered it was a company who make personalized products such as magnets, phone cases and calendars using your own photos. As im moving into my new flat soon, i decided i wanted some personal touches scattered around the house so i purchased some of their magnets. I created 9 magnets for £9.99 with free postage and wow what a quick and speedy service! I ordered them late monday night and they arrived thursday morning! The magnets arrived as one sheet so you can just break them off into individual ones.

For £9.99 i wasn't sure how good the quality would be but all the reviews were really good so thought i would risk it but the quality is actually really good! The photos are lovely and clear and capture some of my fondest memories! I cant wait to decorate my fridge with them and make my flat nice and homely!

I highly recommend Sticky9 - i will most certainly be using them again!

The finished magnets!
You can order your Sticky9 products by clicking here. 
You can also follow them on facebook and twitter

*I wasnt asked to review this product - i just wanted to share how cool they were!*

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Cat Treats Review

This is a bit of a cheat review as I was asked to review some cat treats for my Happy Days Out blog. I thought rather than rewrite the review i could just link up to it - gives me time to focus on the rest of this blog then!

Please find the review for here!

I promise all the rest of the reviews will be proper ones posted on here!

All About Me

Hello i'm Laura!

Thought i would let you know a little about me - its the polite thing to do!

Where shall I begin....Well i'm 27 and live in Poole, Dorset. I've just bought my first flat so starting a whole new adventure - apparently I have to pay bills now?! Who knew!

I work full time as a support worker for a disability charity. I support 2 adults in their own home and have been with them for 5 years now so they are pretty much my second family!
I have a blog - Happy Days Out - set up at the moment, reviewing wheelchair friendly days out and places to eat as unfortunately we've been to some places labelled as accessible when sadly they are not. You can find it here.
I love all the usual things such as music, tv/films, food etc but i also love doing extreme things - in the last 3 years i have done a 10,000ft skydive and a 110ft abseil, all to raise money for charity. I managed to raise quite a bit whilst doing my skydive as I teamed up with Dougie Poynter from Mcfly/Mcbusted who donated a signed top from his clothing line Saint Kidd for me to auction off! I would love to do more but think ive squeezed enough sponsors out of my family and friends already!

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