Saturday, 16 May 2015

The bargain toy box!

Recently I have been looking for a toy box to keep in my flat for when my nephew comes round to visit. Ive looked in loads of places and seen nice ones but they were so expensive - but then i discovered the perfect toy box in Home Bargains. The toy box is big enough to hold loads of toys and books and doubles up as a seat.
There is 3 choices of designs to pick from - Safari Bus, Train and cake shop. My nephew is obsessed with animals so the safari one was an obvious choice really! 
These toy boxes seem very popular- i've been in a few times since and there's only been a couple left each time!

Theres a good reason for this.....they are only £4.99!!! A complete bargain that anyone would be silly to turn down!

The toy boxes are not available online at the moment but they are available to reserve to pick up in store which you can do here.

I cant wait till my nephew comes round and sees it!

*I wasn't asked to write this - just wanted to show everyone a bargain!*


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    1. It was a tough choice between the train and safari box!

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  2. Oh I love that box and a really good price too. I bet he loves it!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids