Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sticky 9 photo magnets

Lately Ive seen a company being advertised on Facebook,called Sticky9 - I was intrigued what it was so clicked on it and discovered it was a company who make personalized products such as magnets, phone cases and calendars using your own photos. As im moving into my new flat soon, i decided i wanted some personal touches scattered around the house so i purchased some of their magnets. I created 9 magnets for £9.99 with free postage and wow what a quick and speedy service! I ordered them late monday night and they arrived thursday morning! The magnets arrived as one sheet so you can just break them off into individual ones.

For £9.99 i wasn't sure how good the quality would be but all the reviews were really good so thought i would risk it but the quality is actually really good! The photos are lovely and clear and capture some of my fondest memories! I cant wait to decorate my fridge with them and make my flat nice and homely!

I highly recommend Sticky9 - i will most certainly be using them again!

The finished magnets!
You can order your Sticky9 products by clicking here. 
You can also follow them on facebook and twitter

*I wasnt asked to review this product - i just wanted to share how cool they were!*

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