Friday, 15 May 2015


One of my favourite films is the Goonies (hey you guuuuuyyyyyyysssss!!!!) so when i discovered the website TruffleShuffle many years ago, I was over the moon! And yes the website is named after Chunk from The Goonies famous dance! (You can see that here)

TruffleShuffle is a website which sell loads of clothes, bags, homeware and accessories all linked to the films and music we loved growing up. Many celebrities are often seen wearing their products. I own quite a few of their products including 2 Round The Twist tops, 3 Labyrinth tops and a Goonies top and totebag. Whenever I wear them, Im always asked where I get them from.
Just a small selection of my collection!
If you're after a unique gift for someone then I highly recommend looking on their website as its an Aladdins cave for gift ideas! Ive been eyeing up the mugs on their site for a while now - maybe now is the time to treat myself!

Out of the tops shown in the photo above the only one still available is the pink Goonies one but there is a similar Labyrinth one for sale on there which is just as nice! Same with the Goonies bag - mine is years old now but there is a similar Goonies one available!

Click here to purchase this top
Click here to purchase this top
Click here to buy this bag

So make sure you relive your childhood by visiting TruffleShuffle!

Oh and did i mention when you order, you get some free sweets in with your package?!

*I wasn't asked to write this review - I just wanted to introduce this amazing website to everyone!*
Sincerely, Paula

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