Saturday, 26 September 2015

Demon Road by Derek Landy

You may have heard of Derek Landy before as he bought out a Young Adult book series called Skullduggery Plesant which are extremely popular so when I got offered the chance to review his book Demon Road, I couldnt say no!

Demon Road is about 16 year old Amber who doesn't have many friends apart from the ones she talks to online. Up until now Amber thought she was a normal girl with parents who didn't seem to care about her, but when she starts misbehaving at school and almost gets expelled who parents all of a sudden notice her......

One night when Amber finishes her shift at the Diner, she gets attacked by 2 men and lashes out at them. She feels something taking over her body....shes turns into a red skin, horned devil! Before she can control her new power, she breaks their jaw and bites off a finger.

Amber rushes home but later that night she over hears her parents talking to their friends and what she hears shocks her - her parents want to kill her and eat her in order to make a payment of blood to the Shining Demon. Amber doesnt know what to do but before she can decide on a plan the police turn up to arrest her for the attack on the 2 men.

Amber then witnesses her parents turn into demons who attack the police officer - she has no choice but to run away.

A family friend called Imelda tells Amber the truth about everything and what her options are. Amber decides to make a pact with the same Shining Demon- she has 504 hours to find a person whos name she doesnt know or she will die. Her only friend Milo helps her by taking her away from her home town to ensure she stays safe.

Whilst travelling on the Demon Road they come across all sorts of creatures such as vampires, demons and beasts. On one occasion at a service station, Amber changes into a demon scaring staff there resulting in a panicked Amber fleeing the scene. When she runs off she meets a boy called Glen who is in just as much trouble as she is......

Demon Road is a brilliant fast paced book who gets you sucked in from the beginning. I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer- I received this book in exchange of a honest review.

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