Friday, 5 June 2015

Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd

I love candles and have been eyeing up the candles on Flamingo Candles website for along time but as you obviously cant smell them before you buy, I was a bit reluctant but when I heard they were starting a new subscription offer called The Melt Crowd where you get 8 different scent melts sent to you every month, i put my order in straight away!

The boxes cost £10 each (delivery is included in the £10) and they get sent out roughly on the first day of each month. You dont know what scents you will get until they arrive - the surprise element is always good!

As an introductory offer, everyone who ordered the first months melt crowd box got a free burner included in their offer.

When I eventually got my box (I missed the delivery as i was at work!) I immediately got a whiff of the amazing scents hidden in the box! The candles were well packaged within the box and wrapped in a pretty bag. Normally the boxes can fit through your letterbox but because of the burner that wasn't possible this time!

In Junes melt crowd box the candles were:
Pina Colada 
Mango and Dragonfruit
Tropical coconut milk and honey
Freshly Mown Grass *Melt Crowd Exclusive
Sweer Lime and Ceder
Juicy clementine *Melt Crowd Exclusive
Thai lime and mango

Unfortunately there was a mix up with my box and i received 2 freshly mown grass melts and no juicy clementine but they have emailed me to say they are sending me some clementine ones in the post hurrah!

They all smell amazing so i really struggled to choose one to melt first but i decided as i was given 2 of the grass ones, i should probably use one of them and oh it smells amazing!! The melts last approx 30 hours - obviously the tea light candles dont last that long but even with the candle not lit, the smell is still strong which is good!

As an added bonus, in the box there is also a discount code for 20% off another purchase on their website...eek thats dangerous!! I now need to decide what candle i want to purchase!!

To order your July melt crowd box click here

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