Thursday, 4 June 2015

As most of you know, I have recently bought my first flat which means I now have a mortgage (eek!!) so ive been on the look out on way of saving money and through a bit of research I discovered the website Approved Food.

Approved food sell food, drink (soft and alcohol), household goods, health and beauty and pet food all at discount prices. They are able to sell the items at these prices due to the short or expired best before date but all the items are still within the use by date and perfectly suitable to eat/drink/use! Whats the point of throwing away perfectly good food?!

Ive been browsing their site for a few weeks and have been reading the reviews which have all been really good so I finally took the plunge and ordered!

I only did a small order for my first one incase I wasnt pleased but wish i had gone bigger now! 

Every day Approved Food put on one day only deals - for example I ordered 5 Bounty chocolate bars for 99p but they do things such as 8 cans of diet coke for 99p, 10 bags of crisps for £1 etc so its always worth checking everyday! They also do really good deals when you spend over £30 such discount on shipping. Sometimes they put random offers on such as creme eggs for 1p!!! But these go extremly fast!

They also do a thing called a Lucky Box which usually cost £1 - again these go quickly but i managed to grab one on my order. In the boxes you never know what you'll get which makes it exciting! Sometimes they even put cash in it as a special prize - usually £5. Not bad for £1!
In my box i got: A chocolate cake mix, 2 packets of crisps, grape juice, 2 boxes of beef OXO cubes, bottle of coke zero and a big bag of tortilla chips....all for £1!

They sell loads of branded products and products which have had minor damages to the packaging but all the items are packaged in the boxes incredibly well so nothing gets squashed!

The postage for my order was £5.99 which is very reasonable considering how much I saved! Delivery was quick too.I ordered late sunday afternoon and it arrived on the thursday. Unfortunately you cant pick a delivery date but my order thankfully got left with my neighbour as I was at work.

My order came to £18.03 with the RRP price of £49.46 which means i had a saving of £31.43!  

Click here to visit Approved Food
Twitter: @ApprovedFood
Facebook: Approved Food
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  1. These shops are such a great idea, too much food is throw away because of unnecessary expiry dates. Good to hear they have saved you a few pounds! #twinklytuesday

  2. This is brilliant! I'll have to see if the US has such a service. Thanks for sharing with #TwinklyTuesday.